We Love Bulletin Boards & Mochi Balls!

This week we’ve had not one but two exciting new additions to Sweet Spot!

1. There are two bulletin boards put up and decorated towards the back by the couches; we’ve set up an area not only to display our most loyal customers, but there is also another board dedicated entirely for any Sweet Spot news and and area for you to put up advertisements for your business, community events, or anything you’d like to spread the word about to our customers.

Do you want your photo up? Here’s how: either ask the cashier behind the counter to snap a photo of you (it should be up in about a week) or take the initiative and bring in your own photo of you and your friends enjoying some froyo at Sweet
Spot. We’d be delighted to have your face on our board!

2. We also just got a new topping today! We were getting frequent requests for mochi balls. They’re rice based products and very delicious, especially in yogurt. They’ve become rather popular in larger cities, so we thought we’d introduce Laredo to the wonderfulness that is mochi. Enjoy, everyone!

Rainy days + chilly weather = a good time for a froyo stop! We’ll update soon!


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