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Acai Berry: Berry Good!

As you all know, Sweet Spot always strives to maintain customer satisfaction by taking any requests our customers have (evident from our growing toppings area). Recently, many people started asking for the an Acai Berry yogurt flavor, so we decided to look into it. January 22nd came, and Sweet Spot opened offering its new flavor.

What really is an Acai berry?
The Acai Berry, a yield of the tropical rain forest of Amazon, is said to be the most nutritiously valuable fruit Brazil offers. The health benefits go on and on… Here is an excerpt from

“The acai berry is high in anthocyanins that gives the product more health benefits. The acai berry has about two to three times as many antioxidants as grapes and blueberries. By cleansing your body of antioxidants, you slow the aging process and promote healthy cell growth and digestion. These compounds also are proven to prevent and treat cancers of the breast, colon, skin, lung and liver. They also contain anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and immune stimulating properties. Acai berry increases the body’s resistance to free radicals.”

There are many other claimed benefits of the Acai berry, or “superfood”: a powerful weight loss tool (lose weight while you snooze? yes, please!), aids in the prevention of heart disease by lowering cholesterol blood levels, kills cancer cells, free radicals, injured cells (hallelujah!), and enhances the digesive system to keep away constipation, bloating, acid reflux, etc.

Not only is it a health miracle, it tastes delicious!  We encourage you to make sure to taste the new flavor and take advantage of its benefits!